If some of the pictures fail to load and instead you see a small "X" icon in the top left corner, right click on it and then click on "Show picture" in the menu that pops up.

This is Diablo, one of Mr. Parlati's young males (8 months), realizing there is a camera in his face.

Refusing to pose for the camera, Diablo begins fidgeting . . .


Diablo still fidgeting . . .

Diablo finally settles down and grudgingly poses.


Diablo is a solid looking dog.

Diablo looking rather menacing from the other side of the fense.


Diablo, at a year and half old, awaits Mr. Parlati's command.

Diablo begging for attention.

This is Moreno, another young male belonging to Mr. Parlati.

Moreno pretending to ignore the camera.




Moreno is a powerful young dog.

Moreno and Diablo (at 1.5 years) fight for attention.


Diablo wisely backing away from Moreno.



This impressive dog is Puma, one of Mr. Parlati's dogs from Italy.

This bitch, Sharlot, belongs to Mr. Parlati's father-in-law.


This is Mr. Parlati's bitch, Shada, with her litter of puppies.


Some very cute puppies!


This determined dog forced Mr. Parlati to drop the sleeve as he refused to let go!





Shada being warmed up by Mr. Parlati.


Shada being antagonized by myself. This bitch hits like a battering ram and any sleeve is left in tatters after a session with her.

Diablo being worked on the sleeve with Mr. Parlati looking on.


Moreno about to jump the sleeve, with Shada and Diablo alongside.

Moreno and Diablo getting acquainted with the sleeve.