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Mr. Parlati does not have access to a computer but since he has been generous in providing info about his dogs, letting me work with them, and providing pictures, the least I can do is give some info about him and his dogs on my page.

He is from Italy and has been breeding Presas for over eight years in Italy (as a hobby), but has moved to Richmond, BC, Canada, and has been living here for the past seven months. He is a competent protection trainer (as i can vouch for since I worked with his dogs) and breeds for performance more than anything else. He originally got his dogs from the islands and will be acquiring some new additions from there in the near future.

His dogs are AWESOME. They are definitely the kind of dogs that have a bite to back up their bark, no showbrains here. They are fearless but are obediant and loyal to the core to him and his family. They "tolerate" me but his bitch, Shada, never takes her eyes off me. She is a supreme guard/protection dog yet she is so gentle around his young son. She charges the protection sleeve like a torpedo, almost knocking you off your feet if you don't sway sideways on time. Once I did agitation work with her (really pissing her off) and when we were walking back to Mr. Parlati's house, she was leashed and walking right next to me but didn't make any outwardly aggressive gesture towards me. She could have taken my ankle and torn my lower leg off but instead she just walked close to me, keeping one eye on me and the other on her master. Such a steady dog, wow.

Sorry if I sound like I'm advertising for him but I really love his dogs and appreciate the fact that he's given up his own time for my interests in the breed. If you'd like to give him a buzz, call him at:

(604) 244 - 9478